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Archive for June 2011

  1. Wild Camp 25-26.06.11

    Wild camp on ye Moore with Will, Sarge and Sarah about 5 km northwest of Postbridge alongside a mind-bogglingly beautiful stretch of the East Dart River.

  2. FREQ review

    There’s a new review of Super-Heavy Hamoazian Reverie on FREQ here

  3. SHHR available in the US

    If you’re in the US you may wanna know that you can bag copies of the new Urthona CD Super-Heavy Hamoazian Reverie through the best record shop in the universe, Aquarius Records in San Francisco. Hurl yourself wantonly in this direction…

  4. CD prices

    The prices in the shop have changed a bit (come down slightly) to standardise the postage so overseas orders don’t get stung for heavy postage. If you’ve bought a copy of SHHR from the site in the last couple of weeks drop me an email and I’ll refund you the difference between the old and new prices.

  5. Dartmoor 10.06.11

    Wild camp with the Asterism on southeast Dartmoor 1o.06.11

  6. Review: Super Heavy Hamoazian Reverie

    Check out Julian Cope’s review of the new record here (yeah I know Julian plays drums on it…)