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Archive for November 2012

  1. Unreleased stuff

    There’s almost an hour of unreleased stuff on the bandcamp site, including two of the earliest pre-Urthona demos left off I REFUTE IT THUS (one the companion track to Urthona Cannot be Destroyed) and a 30 minute + live rehearsal tape of a 2010 show. Go reeling like a light-headed infantĀ this way.

  2. Bandcamp

    Our Bandcamp site is now open here where all the Urthona records can be streamed or downloaded (as high quality aiff files). Our CDs are for sale there too.

  3. The Long Stone

    The Long Stone at Mottistone (‘Moot Stone’), Isle of Wight. The stone(s) are the remains of a neolithic long barrow, and have been on our meg hit-list for yonks.

  4. Teleportation Machine from the Fly

    Apparently the Style Council were in one chamber and the Wurzels were in the other, and this was the horrible result…