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Archive for September 2014

  1. Yarnbury

    Sunday afternoon visit to excellently proportioned Yarnbury Castle hillfort, west of Stonehenge alongside the A303, Wilts.

    IMG_2702 newIMG_2702 newIMG_2702 new

  2. Stall Down Stone Row

    Stall Down stone row, looking north onto the Erme Plains, Dartmoor

    stall down row

  3. Southend-on-Sea, Saturday 11th October

    Urthona will be playing at Metal at Chalkwell Hall, Southend-on-Sea on Saturday 11th October as part of the Feelgood Cafe event running  from the end of Sept until mid December. Tickets available here. Come on you Shrimpers!

  4. Bournemouth Arts by the Sea Festival, October 10th

    Urthona will be performing at Absolute Elsewhere, part of the Bournemouth Arts by the Sea Festival on October 10th at the Shelley Theatre, Bournemouth. English Heretic, Alexander Tucker, Heather Leigh and whole load of others are also on the bill. Tix available here.


  5. Trowlesworthy

    20+ years since last visit to the Trowlesworthy sites (long-ingrained snootiness to the china clay works?); never mind the despoiled landscape, here’s a shit-up cairn circle. Awesome stone row and avenue too.

    cairn circle

  6. West Country Freaks

    Head on down the A303 to catch BBC 6 Music Stuart Maconie’s Freakier Zone West Country Freaks spesh, including Flying Saucer Attack, Portishead, Coil, Spinal Tap… and Urthona. Jeez weez sure in righteous company there.

  7. Half a frigging billion years old

    On Salisbury Plain yesterday we came across these fairy shrimps, living in a temporary pond formed by the ruts of tank tracks. These endangered critters have been on Earth for about half a billion years (Upper Cambrian) and have a really interesting life cycle. The Plain – which we’re increasingly digging I tell ya – is a stronghold apparently. OK, so now we gotta build a pond over the winter.