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Archive for January 2021

  1. Haig Fras – 7″ single out February 5th

    Coming soon from Buried Treasure – a lathe cut clear vinyl short run 7″ of new sounds from Neil Mortimer and Mark Pilkington’s new project, HAIG FRAS.
    Haig Fras is a 30-mile-long granite submarine reef in the Celtic Sea, located 65 miles northwest of the Isles of Scilly. At one point its peaks are barely 100 feet below the sea surface, akin to the tors of a submerged, lost Dartmoor. The music takes inspiration from this beautiful but remote and lonely place, a real-life parallel to the mythical land of Lyonesse. The single comes in a stunning 8-page colour booklet of acrylic paintings by Aaron Thomason a.k.a. Sun Moth (limited edition of 50) and is exclusive to the Buried Treasure Bandcamp page at 8am on Friday 5th February. There’s a teaser youtube vid over here.
  2. New Album NO-FI ALIVE!

    Travel sideways in time to an imaginary era of ‘60s heavy garage psych, with the Urthona Power Trio Quartet’s exhilaratingly unimproved NO-FI ALIVE! out today on cassette, CD-R and DL at the Urthona/Heavy Rural Bandcamp site.

  3. Embers Of The Sun

    Embers Of The Sun, Zareh Tjeknavorian’s amazing 12 minute film about Armenian megaliths and rock art, with music by Urthona, will be showing at The Psychedelic Film and Music Festival (in NYC but inevitably now online). The festival runs from 14-17 January, weekend and day access tickets are available, Embers of the Sun is being screened in the Visionary Landscapes short films block on 17th January from 4-6pm EST (9-11pm UK times). Zareh and Neil will be taking part in a Q&A session at the end of the session.