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  1. Spacefest 03.05.14

    Urthona will be playing at Spacefest at the Somerset Arms, Semington, Wilts on May 3rd (middle/psych day of a three day beer and cider festival. Woah!). Nik Turner’s Space Gypsy is headlining, more acts to be announced.



  2. Arnolfini 27.03.14

    Last night at the Arnolfini, Bristol. Sitting down cos it’s more prog.


  3. Grey Wethers Stone Circles

    Grey Wethers Stone Circles, Dartmoor. Schrafftafari’s favourite site – and in the sun!

    grey wethers

  4. Fernworthy Stone Circle

    Fernworthy Stone Circle, Dartmoor


  5. The Sound

    Bovisand Fort and the Breakwater from the South West Coastal Path, Plymouth


  6. Exchange

    Me and Mark last night at the Exchange in Bristol. Nice one Pauls one and two! Set list was 1.MM instrumental 2.Full Moon/Waters of the Fen 3. River Severn Bore. Back in Bristol at the end of the month tho it’s gonna be different stuff.

  7. Artillery Range

    Sunday’s lull in Stormaggedon: northern edge of Salisbury Plain artillery range.

    artllery range

  8. Storms

    Dying storm Saturday afternoon at Barton on Sea, Hampshire. Awe-inspiring for sure, but will this stormy winter just fuck right off now please.



  9. Review

    A fulsome review of the Elements’ Rage over here on the Freq webzine…

  10. Second March live date

    Urthona will be playing with Tunnels of Ah, Salope and H Zam Zam at Fat Paul Presents at the Exchange in Bristol on March 3rd 2014, details over here. (This will be a regular Urthona show as opposed to the Mirage Men event later in the month, which will be a bit different.)