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  1. Second March live date

    Urthona will be playing with Tunnels of Ah, Salope and H Zam Zam at Fat Paul Presents at the Exchange in Bristol on March 3rd 2014, details over here. (This will be a regular Urthona show as opposed to the Mirage Men event later in the month, which will be a bit different.)

  2. First hike of 2014

    Bloody Cove, Netton Down, Devon. WOAH!


  3. Urthona live, Arnolfini March 2014

    Urthona will be playing a show at the Arnolfini arts centre, Bristol on Thursday 27 March, 2014 alongside a special screening of the acclaimed feature-length documentary Mirage Men with a Q&A session by the filmmakers. Should be a cool evening – bargain ticket price too. Tickets and all that over here.

  4. Land of the ferns

    Man, that’s a shitload of wintering ferns (alongside the West Dart)


  5. Dewerstone

    The River Plym south of the Dewerstone. Been coming here for 35 years and still feelin it…

    river plym

    river plym

  6. The Elements’ Rage – Reviews

    Two cool reviews of the latest album from Allan at Aquarius Records here (search on ‘urthona’) and ye Archdrude Julian Cope here (scroll down a bit)

    Thank you, Gents!

  7. New album in record shops

    If you’re in the locale of Marlborough, Wiltshire or San Francisco, California (twinned towns possibility right there), the new Urthona Elements’ Rage (A Clash of the Stars and Moon) is available at our two fave record shops Sound Knowledge (UK) right now Aquarius Records (USA) next couple of days.

  8. The Elements’ Rage (A Clash of the Stars and Moon) OUT NOW

    The Elements’ Rage (A Clash of the Stars and Moon)

    The most ambitious expression yet of the West Country guitarist’s heavy rural sound: a tumultuous tempest which will burn your windmills and rip the tiles from your roof.

    Inspired by the storm that swept across the southern British Isles in November 1703, the single epic track on Urthona’s fourth solo album builds from the disquieting sound of an approaching storm and accelerates into a full-on psychedelic maelstrom of colossal guitars, wrecked drums, Townshendian feedback and entirely appropriate (and painstakingly gathered) field recordings.

    The Elements’ Rage (A Clash of the Stars and Moon) CD comes in beautiful four-panel fold-out packaging with a 12-page pull-out, printed using vegetable based inks on 100% post-consumer recycled board. Initial copies come with an additional strictly limited hand-printed insert created by Urthona. The album is also available as a download.

    Both versions are available here.


    cover image for web etc elements package for web etc

  9. Cover

    Outer and inner cover with fold-out


  10. New album

    Here are a couple of snaps of the totally EPIC packaging being put together for the new album, The Elements’ Rage (A Clash of the Stars and Moon). First pic shows a table of hand printed inserts going out with the initial copies, second pic shows a second 12 page folded insert coming off the folding machine at the printers. Cover images to follow next week. CD to follow a few weeks after that.

    IMG_1167 IMG_1159