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  1. Mirage Men world premiere

    A reminder that the Sheffield Doc Fest hosts the world premiere of Mirage Men tomorrow, last minute details over here.

  2. New Album: Clash of the Stars and Moon

    Just finished the next album, Clash of the Stars and Moon. Tell ya what, this one deffo goes the whole way. Coming soon!

  3. Sontaran

    Sontaran vessel alongside A37, Dorset.


  4. Plate Face

    Respect him. Fear him.

    plate face

  5. Land of the Long White Cloud

    The Isle of Wight innit.


  6. It May Explode

    Between Everleigh and Snail Down, eastern side of Salisbury Plain.

    snail down 2

  7. Mirage Men

    Urthona has contributed solo guitar of the desert plateau variety to a forthcoming documentary called Mirage Men, which looks at how the US Air Force and Intelligence services exploited and manipulated beliefs about UFOs and ET visitations as part of their counterintelligence programmes. High weirdness for sure – and extremely excellent – and being shown twice next month at the Sheffield Docfest on Thursday 13 June at 1pm and Saturday 15 June at 3.30pm. Festival details here and movie details here.

  8. Trollhunter simulacrum

    Trollhunter stone giant simulacrum on the currently tundra-like Marlborough Downs…


  9. Up Yours, Pope Francis

    Meet the new homophobic, sexist, racist, child abuse-apologist, same as the old homophobic, sexist, racist, child abuse-apologist.

    Up Yours, Pope Francis.

  10. Wansdyke

    Wansdyke (super massive Sub-Roman – 5th or 6th century earthwork) recce last week.