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  1. Brownsea

    Early morning yesterday, Brownsea Island – hell yeah



  2. Brisworthy Stone Circle

    Brisworthy Stone Circle, Dartmoor. Tomo lovin it!


  3. Stonehenge 1972

    Check out this super-awesome 1972 edition of the (still essential) Sky at Night tv show featuring Gerald Hawkins at Stonehenge, including a real-time recording of a perfect near-midsummer sunrise over the Heel Stone. Yeah! (Cheers, Pete).


  4. But why?

    Why, why, why?

    road ahead closed 222

  5. Muntjac

    Sweltering heat in the UK for a couple of weeks now but things seem chilled, not least for this muntjac deer clocked out of the cabin window this morning, hanging out by the butane canisters. Muntjacs are the oldest species of deer, maybe more than 20 million years old. Respect!


  6. Best thing in the history of the world

    Stand down Blake, Nash, Ravilious, Spencer: Thomas Hirschhorn at Tate Modern.

    best thing in the world

  7. Gutter Tor

    Wild camp below Gutter Tor, Dartmoor this weekend – way too windy to camp in the grounds of Ditsworthy Warren House as planned.



  8. Mirage Men world premiere

    A reminder that the Sheffield Doc Fest hosts the world premiere of Mirage Men tomorrow, last minute details over here.

  9. New Album: Clash of the Stars and Moon

    Just finished the next album, Clash of the Stars and Moon. Tell ya what, this one deffo goes the whole way. Coming soon!

  10. Sontaran

    Sontaran vessel alongside A37, Dorset.