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  1. Tinside

    Tinside saltwater lido on Plymouth Hoe. The best swimming pool in the universe. And maybe the coldest water too.

  2. Hampton stone circle

    Hampton stone circle, Dorset. OOOOOOFFFFF!

  3. Drizzlecombe

    Drizzlecombe, Dartmoor. Man it’s good to be back on the moor.

  4. Stonehenge Fire Garden 2

  5. Stonehenge Fire Garden

    Compagnie Carabosse’s Stonehenge Fire Garden 11th July 2012, part of the Salisbury International Arts Festival. Woh! Note ludicrously rare photograph of rain-free sky. Will puking in hedge not shown.


  6. White Horse lantern parade

    White Horse lantern parade, Devizes Saturday 30th June


  7. Lushfest

    We had to blow out the Lushfest show yesterday cos our van and the organisers’ gear buggy couldn’t make it through the lake of mud leading to the stage. Without our amps we are nothing. It was gonna be the first show using our new Hiwatt stack too. Damn. Cue sexy pic:

  8. Comin at ya

    Rehearsals for next weekend’s show…


  9. Swallowhead Springs

    Swallowhead Springs, south of Silbury Hill, where the rivers Kennet and Winterbourne meet. Usually by this time of year the river would be completely dry, but not this soggy summer.

  10. Freaky clouds

    The world is strange and awesome, even on a nondescript industrial estate