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  1. Dartmoor 10.06.11

    Wild camp with the Asterism on southeast Dartmoor 1o.06.11

  2. Review: Super Heavy Hamoazian Reverie

    Check out Julian Cope’s review of the new record here (yeah I know Julian plays drums on it…)

  3. Super-Heavy Hamoazian Reverie now in the Shop

    Oh yes it is.

  4. New CD – sound files

    Over in the ‘Sounds’ area there’s a fairly random 5-minute edit of the new record, Super-Heavy Hamoazian Reverie. Should have CDs for sale here by the end of the weekend. The cover looks like this:

  5. Super-Heavy Hamoazian Reverie

    Hello chums, where ya been? The new record is being pressed n’that right now. It’s called Super-Heavy Hamoazian Reverie. It’s got one 47 minute track and has three drummers on it. Should be here in two to three weeks. More soon!

  6. Projection

    Here’s a 5m edit of a Urthona/Asterism live projection on youtube. The music is a live rehearsal tape of an unreleased track recorded last month.

  7. Live pix – Windsor

    Some photos of the Urthona/Asterism show supporting Julian Cope in Windsor on 29.05.10 taken by Murmurations cover artist Cathy Ward

  8. Urthona show 29/05/10

    Urthona and the Asterism will be supporting Julian Cope at The Firestation Arts Centre in Windsor on 29th May. The spirits of Cyril Tawney and William Crossing will be channelled via the Kennet and Avon Canal and River Thames, hell yeah. For tickets come hither.

  9. Murmurations review

    Read a review of Murmurations on the FREQ noisesite here

  10. Murmurations cover artwork

    Cathy Ward’s original artworks for the Murmurations cover will be on display at the Strange Attractor Salon show being held at  Viktor Wynd Fine Art in London between 7 and 31 January 2010. The Strange Attractor team have been long-term collaborators and pals of Urthona, and the month-long show/happenings will incorporate a wide range of media (painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, sound and video) concerned with inner space, craft, science (natural and unnatural) and the fantastic. More info here.