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  1. Searching for Nodens over the Severn

  2. Even The Walls Shall Hear Her

    Just released, The Other Without ‘s Even The Walls Shall Hear Her (Orgone Blue Mix), a single 56 minute track ultra-mellow reworking of the fourth track from the second album. There’s also a very limited and nearly sold out CD-R available featuring a 71-minute version of the track. It’s on Bandcamp over here.

  3. Fernworthy stone circle, Dartmoor

  4. The Dearleap Stones, Mendip Hills, Somerset

  5. The Thirlstone

  6. Shovel Down

  7. Rempstone stone circle avenue, Dorset

  8. Studland stone row, Dorset

  9. Even The Walls Shall Hear Her

    Head over to Youtube for an ultra blissed out 120 -minute mix of Even The Walls Shall Hear Her, the final track on The Other Without 2.

  10. Corn Du Cairn