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  1. Even The Walls Shall Hear Her

    Head over to Youtube for an ultra blissed out 120 -minute mix of Even The Walls Shall Hear Her, the final track on The Other Without 2.

  2. Corn Du Cairn

  3. Wayland’s Smithy

  4. The Other Without 2

    The Other Without 2 CD-R is now back in stock right here

  5. Silbury Hill

  6. Ringmoor Down Cairn Circle and Stone Row

  7. Albion Light Vessel

    Here’s a short promo film made by Curtis Mortimer to accompany The Other Without track Albion Light Vessel from the new album.

  8. Mardon Cairn Circle, Dartmoor

  9. The Other Without 2

    The second album by The Other Without (Neil and Mike) is on sale now over on the Bandcamp page here.

  10. Destruction Rules

    The new album is available to purchase/download/stream via Bandcamp here.