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  1. Destruction Rules

    The new album is available to purchase/download/stream via Bandcamp here.

  2. Slomo – Urthona Remix

    Holy McGrail’s excellent SLOMO project has an album out of remixes, SUPER-INDIVIDUAL: COLLECTIVE RITUAL,  including one by Urthona (Neil) and another by Teleplasmiste (Mark and Mike). Check it out on the Slomo Bandcamp page over here.

  3. Destruction Rules

    The long-delayed Urthona album DESTRUCTION RULES is almost here.

  4. Rainbow Unit album

    Rainbow Unit’s well wonky first album (DL only) COMPOSTING WITH TAPE RECORDERS is out now, and it’s only 50p. It’s over here innit.


  5. Midwinter’s Halcyon Seas

    To celebrate midwinter this year we’ve released a free download track by Urthona vs The Other Without, ‘Midwinter’s Halcyon Seas’. Stream/free download on the Heavy Rural Bandcamp site over here. Merry Solstice, Christmas and New Year. We love you.

    “Make a joyful noise unto the Great Goddess, all the earth; break forth into joyous song and sing praises! Sing praises unto her with the lyre, with the lyre and the sound of melody! With trumpets and the sound of the horn make a joyful noise before Mother Earth, the Great Goddess! Let the sea roar, and the fulness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein. Let the rivers clap their hands; let the mountains sing together for joy!”

  6. The Elements’ Rage back in stock

    We’ve done a third and defo final CD pressing of The Elements’ Rage (A Clash of the Stars and Moon). It’s exactly the same as the earlier long sold-out editions with a tri-fold cover and the folded poster insert (but no hand printed insert which came with the very first copies). It’s available here.

  7. The Other Without reviews

    Two super-positive reviews of the Other Without from the Quietus here and Freq here. And here’s a pic of a Rainbow o’er ye moore last weekend.


  8. Shitloads of new stuff OUT NOW

    Fling yourself madly over to the Urthona Bandcamp site here to listen to and/or buy the new album by The Other Without (ruralist Popol Vuh/T. Dream stylee by Neil and Mike) and the long-delayed Elemental Archive recording LYDFORD GORGE (free download). And two new way cool Heavy Rural t-shirts.

  9. Rainbow Unit

    Rainbow Unit live in Cornwall next weekend. Sun machine is coming down.


  10. The Other Without

    The debut album by The Other Without (featuring Neil and Mike) will be released on September 9th. Down with Patriarchy!

    the other without cover image

    carn cover image darker