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  1. Rainbow Unit

    In London for a Rainbow Unit recording session this weekend (pic: Mark)


  2. Quietus review

    Buttock chilling review of URTHONA PLAYS ATLANTIS? by JR Moores in the Quietus here (scroll down).

  3. White Tor

    White Tor fort, west Dartmoor. Wot a scene!

    white tor fort

  4. Urthona Plays Atlantis? Review

    Review in the March issue of the Wire by Katrina Dixon.

    Wire Review


  5. Aquarius Records

    Our pals over at Aquarius Records in San Francisco are stocking Urthona Plays Atlantis? here (and have copies of a couple of otherwise sold out albums too).

  6. Urthona Plays Atlantis? on sale now

    The new album Urthona Plays Atlantis? is for sale on CD and DL via our Bandcamp page here

  7. Atlantis?

    January 8th: Urthona Plays Atlantis? More details soon.


  8. Merry Christmas

    Merry Solstice, Christmas and New Year.


  9. Bristol

    Locking into the cosmic pulse of life, Bristol All Hallows Hall, last weekend.

    all hallows

  10. Merrivale

    Merrivale on the Moor yesterday, just before the first snow of winter fell.