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  1. Aquarius Records

    Our pals over at Aquarius Records in San Francisco are stocking Urthona Plays Atlantis? here (and have copies of a couple of otherwise sold out albums too).

  2. Urthona Plays Atlantis? on sale now

    The new album Urthona Plays Atlantis? is for sale on CD and DL via our Bandcamp page here

  3. Atlantis?

    January 8th: Urthona Plays Atlantis? More details soon.


  4. Merry Christmas

    Merry Solstice, Christmas and New Year.


  5. Bristol

    Locking into the cosmic pulse of life, Bristol All Hallows Hall, last weekend.

    all hallows

  6. Merrivale

    Merrivale on the Moor yesterday, just before the first snow of winter fell.


  7. Bristol show, 13th November

    Urthona (trio) will be shaking hell at All Hallows Hall, Bristol on 13th November as part of Eastonia, exploring landscapes season – this one on a Dartmoorian tip. Joanna Bruck will be talking about Bronze Age Britain and Woden will be invoking Devon folklore. Yeah! We’ll be trying out some of a new super-epic track HAIL MOTHER TAMAR, HAIL! Info over here

    Eastonia 3_low

  8. Supermoon

    Supermoon rising on Sunday evening…


  9. Bristol, November

    Should be able to confirm the details of an Urthona show in Bristol in November, in the meantime here’s a pic from Sunday of the ace falls in the Colly Brook, West Dartmoor.


  10. Port Eliot

    Transporting the Ways with the Weirds stage last Saturday, Port Eliot Festival. Lizzy-stylee twin guitar line-up. The set was Breathing Instant Infinity, White Light Occulting, The Waters of the Fen have Brought Forth Flowers, Sun and Moon So Heavy. Afterwards someone said it was ’45 minutes of beautiful noise’. We try – and five minutes later when we have our breath back – we try again.

    port eliot