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  1. Supermoon

    Supermoon rising on Sunday evening…


  2. Bristol, November

    Should be able to confirm the details of an Urthona show in Bristol in November, in the meantime here’s a pic from Sunday of the ace falls in the Colly Brook, West Dartmoor.


  3. Port Eliot

    Transporting the Ways with the Weirds stage last Saturday, Port Eliot Festival. Lizzy-stylee twin guitar line-up. The set was Breathing Instant Infinity, White Light Occulting, The Waters of the Fen have Brought Forth Flowers, Sun and Moon So Heavy. Afterwards someone said it was ’45 minutes of beautiful noise’. We try – and five minutes later when we have our breath back – we try again.

    port eliot

  4. Port Eliot

    We’re dead looking forward to playing at the Port Eliot Festival in Cornwall – just over the Tamar Bridge – next weekend. Urthona (trio stylee) will be on at approx 7pm on Saturday on the Ways With Weirds  stage. We’re on for an hour so prepare to come with us all the way. We may be playing some random unscheduled things too over the weekend so stick around – or come say hello – if you wanna check that out.

    In the meantime here’s a pic of west Plimuff over the Hamoaze from Maker Camp the other week.


  5. East Dart

    Looking down the valley of East Dart river.looking S

  6. Recently rediscovered Sittaford Stone circle, Dartmoor. More info here and here.


  7. Hearing Secret Harmonies

    The physical release of Hearing Secret Harmonies has sold out here, but copies may still be available at Aquarius Records, San Francisco USA and Sound Knowledge, Marlborough UK.

  8. Hearing Secret Harmonies USA

    Our top mates over at Aquarius Records in San Francisco have copies of Hearing Secret Harmonies in stock, and if you’re in the US it’s slightly cheaper than buying from the UK. They also have the last couple of copies of Amid Devonia’s Alps and Super Heavy Hamoazian Reverie on sale anywhere.

  9. Port Eliot Festival

    Urthona (full band) will be playing at the Port Eliot Festival in Cornwall next month. Dunno which day yet, will post it here when we do.

  10. Brent Tor

    Iron Age earthworks on Brent Tor (extinct volcano), northwest Dartmoor.