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  1. Burrow Mump

    Burrow Mump, Somerset. Devon is somewhere out there – wot a scene…


  2. New album: Hearing Secret Harmonies

    It’s out now, it’s here.

    HSH front cover


  3. Special ‘rubbish cover’ edition

    The standard CD release of Super-Heavy Hamoazian Reverie has now sold out. But we’ve come across a small number of an earlier, unreleased version that has a slightly different cover shot and were printed on the wrong sort of material which made they look a bit crap. They’re for sale on the Bandcamp site if ya want one.

    Here’s a pic of the view looking north-ish from Sheeps Tor yesterday.


  4. Rainbow Unit

    Coming soon (ye Rainbow Unit and RU operator not shown)


  5. Badbury Rings

    Minor detour to visit again this truly great Iron Age Dorset hillfort.


  6. Southampton tomorrow

    Bit of a last minute reminder that there’s an Atlantis? support show with Julian Cope tomorrow evening at the Engine Rooms, Southampton. The show starts at 8pm.

  7. Psychedelic Dorset

    Check out this lovely bit of psych filmmaking from our pal Ric Kemp.


  8. Ggantija

    Ggantiga temples, Gozo. Oh yeah.


  9. Tarxien

    Tarxien temple, Malta. 15 years since I’ve been here, last time this was the bottom half of a goddess, now it’s maybe a goddess, maybe a god, maybe a hybrid of the two. I preferred goddess.



  10. Seth Man Review

    Holy shit, Super-Heavy Hamoazian Reverie gets the full-on Seth Man treatment over here. Woah!

    Here’s an unused pic from the cover shoot back in 2010.