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  1. Ggantija

    Ggantiga temples, Gozo. Oh yeah.


  2. Tarxien

    Tarxien temple, Malta. 15 years since I’ve been here, last time this was the bottom half of a goddess, now it’s maybe a goddess, maybe a god, maybe a hybrid of the two. I preferred goddess.



  3. Seth Man Review

    Holy shit, Super-Heavy Hamoazian Reverie gets the full-on Seth Man treatment over here. Woah!

    Here’s an unused pic from the cover shoot back in 2010.



  4. Bowerman’s Nose

    The moor looking and feeling springy yesterday.


  5. Heavy Rural

    Coming soon…

    heavy rural


  6. Tregantle

    WW2 anti-invasion defences at low tide on edenic Tregantle Beach, Whitsand Bay, Cornwall.


  7. Liverpool

    Last night’s Atlantis? show at the Epstein Theatre, Liverpool – photo by Big Nige.


  8. Cardiff pix

    Cum on feel the noize

    cardiff 2 cardiff 1


  9. Cardiff

    See ya tomorrow if you’re coming to the Cardiff Globe solo show where I’ll be doing two Atlantis? track.



  10. T-shirts

    Confound your enemies, be the envy of your comrades: new t-shirts are for sale over on the Bandcamp site.