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Amid Devonia’s Alps

Amid Devonia's Alps

Further 004, 2009

The Waters of the Fen Have Brought Forth Flowers (snippet) Born Psychedelic (snippet)

Amid Devonia’s Alps is the second release from Urthona; more elemental, super-intense guitar/amp worship from the southwestern uplands. Sixty minutes of psychedelic garage metal over three long, long tracks. Deluxe packaging with inserts and liner notes.

There’s a holy beauty within the fiery soul of this Urthona music that transcends its many contemporaries, as colossal guitars intertwine around the base of listeners’ minds, lifting them skywards as though upon a magical beanstalk ride… Urthona’s music is both the Ult in meditation AND a freight-train ride to oblivion.

Waves of deep, grinding, spaced out guitar, so heavy indeed. Blissful at low volumes, vibrationally destructive at louder ones… seriously you need to be carefully turning this disc up!