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Elemental Archive 001- Lydford Gorge

The Heavy Rural Elemental Archive is a series of field recordings made at locations of natural, cultural or psychological importance. This recording was made at Lydford Gorge, in the northwest of Dartmoor, Devon. The Gorge is a 1.5 mile long ravine with the River Lyd running through it, and takes in the White Lady waterfall and the Devil’s Cauldron whirlpool. The recordings were made in November 2015 and are sequenced as one 18m 26s track. Approximate timings for the recording are:
0.01 Woodland above ravine a
1.20 Woodland above ravine b
1.55 River Lyd a
3.40 River Lyd b
6.05 Devil’s Cauldron a
7.55 Devil’s Cauldron b
9.40 River Lyd c
12.30 White Lady waterfall a
14.40 White Lady waterfall b
16.40 Woodland above ravine c
Thanks to Adrian Shaw, Area Ranger for Lydford Gorge, National Trust for facilitating these recordings. Mastered by Phil at Drive Music, Wiltshire. “Wind noises ok: do NOT correct!”
Free download.
Heavy Rural 003

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