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The Elements’ Rage (A Clash of the Stars and Moon)

The Elements Rage cover

The most ambitious expression yet of the West Country guitarist’s heavy rural sound: a tumultuous tempest which will burn your windmills and rip the tiles from your roof.

Inspired by the storm that swept across the southern British Isles in November 1703, the single epic track on Urthona’s fourth solo album builds from the disquieting sound of an approaching storm and accelerates into a full-on psychedelic maelstrom of colossal guitars, wrecked drums, Townshendian feedback and entirely appropriate (and painstakingly gathered) field recordings.

The Elements’ Rage CD comes in beautiful four-panel fold-out packaging with a 12-page pull-out. SORRY, THE LIMITED EDITION VERSION HAS NOW SOLD OUT. THE REPRESS IS EXACTLY THE SAME BUT DOES NOT HAVE THE HAND PRINTED INSERT.

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