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I Refute It Thus

I Refute It Thus

Head Heritage HH22, 2008

Sun and Moon So Heavy (snippet)

Urthona’s first release, I Refute It Thus, contains three long tracks of primitive noise guitar freakouts inspired by the windswept-tor landscape of mighty Dartmoor, coming on like Neil Young and Crazy Horse’s Arc noise collage mangled with a low generation audience recording of My Bloody Valentine at their most mental.

“I Refute It Thus stands as one of THE greatest Drone albums ever made.”

“Three enormous tracks populate this debut, commencing with an Ur-garage racket that conjures up visions of the Barrett Floyd hammering T. Dream’s early 45 ‘Ultima Thule’, before plateauing out into two exceedingly beautiful and enormously vast eternities of axe overload, ernie-ernieing seagull dives, digital distortion and microphonic feedback somewhere along the lines of Nadja, To Blacken The Pages and the Angelic Process, but even better and even more useful.”